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We develop your apps and server-based mobile solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, facebook as well as for mobile browser and web.

Whether it’s about a start-up or a global industry leader, mobile solutions more and more stand for significant parts of our customers’ value chains. This is why we see ourselves as a partner who, whilst taking care of the tech solution’s conceptualization and implementation, also supports service design, operations or the design of the business model.

While we cover conceptualization, graphic design, user experience and the entire technical spectrum in-house, we also work with our customers’ design agencies when it comes to branding, logo design or screen design. If required, we are also happy to actively involve technical staff of our clients.

This is an overview of our service offering:

As a suggestion of which features might be of interest for your app please also check our overview "Creating an App".

We are looking forward to discuss options to realize your ideas: Contact us today.

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