Pocketweb's Pocket Life® Platform selected for Volvo's Commute Greener

CO2 tracker "Commute Greener!" for mobile phones helps to reduce carbon footprint by commuters

Sydney, Australia/Wanaka, New Zealand, 12 December, 2009 - Award-winning Australian and New Zealand start-up Pocketweb has developed a CO2 emission tracking service that can be used by commuters on the web and on the mobile phone. Named "Commute Greener!" the service has been jointly designed and launched by Pocketweb and Europe-based Volvo Group at www.commutegreener.com. Commute Greener is available now for anyone to use and will be more broadly launched at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15). Says Pocketweb's CMO Dr. Alexander Koeppen: "If Governments postpone their commitments for CO2 reduction people can act on their own with a simple app on your mobile phone." The new online service helps users become more environmentally aware and enables commuters to quickly see by how much carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, for example by car pooling or by using public transportation.

Following a quick registration on the website the commuter can define the modes of transport that are used for commuting and other trips. The application calculates how much carbon dioxide is emitted when using different modes of transport, such as the car, train, bus, ferry or bicycle. After downloading the application from the iPhone App Store for example, the commuter can then track his daily commuting journeys and compare them against his CO2 saving target.

The service also embeds an online community for exchanging experiences and for running carbon dioxide emissions reduction competitions between colleagues, friends and family members. "Our tests have shown that individuals can quickly reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30 per cent using Commute Greener!" says Magnus Holmqvist at Volvo IT. The service is also available to corporate customers who can use it to measure and reduce the CO2 footprint of the whole company or selected departments.

Commute Greener! is running on Pocketweb's Pocket Life® Platform that allows corporates to extend their web business across mobile platforms in a secure and scalable way.

Pocketweb, a recent winner of the global Nokia Innovation Award as well as the Queensland Galileo Masters award for satellite navigation, is on a strong growth path already working with clients from the Telco, Automotive, Disaster Warning and Retail industries. Says CMO Dr. Alexander Koeppen: "Companies and consumers alike more and more use latest generation handsets for value add applications. Our Pocket Life® Platform is the leading technology to pave the way. In this context, applications supporting the green economy and emissions reduction are one of our growth areas."
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