Australian Innovation: Pocket Life partners with Australian Emergency Warning Network

Sydney, Australia, 19 August, 2009 - The Australian Emergency Warning Network (EWN) is currently trialling Australian developed Pocket Life (www.pocketlife.com), a leading location-based mobile social networking application, in an effort to increase the safety of individuals and emergency services personnel in times of natural disaster.

Typically, Pocket Life allows a mobile phone user to securely see the location of connected friends on maps and share messages and photos in real time. By making use of the GPS feature of mobile phones Pocket Life goes beyond other social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

The EWN trial will take that concept and adapt it to the services offered by EWN, which are open to the public, businesses and government organizations.

"Pocket Life users will opt-in for their location data to be used by EWN to alert them directly if they get close to bushfires or get in the path of a thunderstorm," said Pocketweb CEO, Dr. Alexander Koeppen. "Of course EWN customers can also use the Pocket Life application daily, to connect with people in their community and keep each other updated on their whereabouts and real time incidents."

The trial is timely with the upcoming bushfire season, starting in less than three months time, being tipped as one of the 'worst ever'.

The combined EWN/Pocket Life service has been presented to community and CFA representatives in Arthur's Creek, Victoria last week to understand and incorporate first hand experience from people who have been worst affected by the last bushfire season. While one solution will never be able to solve all problems it was jointly understood that available technologies should be used to help people help themselves.

"The Australian Emergency Warning Network performs a valuable service by allowing Australians to be aware of potential disasters nearby. We are proud to be able to offer our Pocket Life application as an additional means for people to track and be tracked by the service - helping to keep them from harm's way."

Pocket Life is available on all carriers and most handsets, including iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and coming soon to Google's Android platform.
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