Australian Innovation for the iPhone: global location based social network Pocket Life

Sydney, Australia, 18 July, 2009 - Pocket Life (www.pocketlife.com), an Australian developed location based social networking application for mobile phones, has been released as a new version for the iPhone.

Pocket Life download from the Apple App Store allows an iPhone user to securely see the location of connected friends on maps and share messages and photos in real time from within the application. By making use of the GPS feature of mobile phones Pocket Life goes beyond other social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

Users can also search for specific points of interest near their location - including those uploaded by connected friends.

"With our Nokia and Blackberry versions joined by iPhone, Pocket Life is now achieving critical mass, being able to be shared and enjoyed by growing numbers of people," said Pocketweb CEO, Dr. Alexander Koeppen. "Meeting up with friends no longer requires calls or messages - just see them in real time on Pocket Life."

Pocket Life may be used through users' mobile phones, or via the Pocket Life website at www.pocketlife.com. For mobile users, it is available on all carriers and most handsets, including iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and coming soon to Google's Android platform.
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