Australian Innovation: Pocket Life takes location based social networking to European trucking companies

Sydney, Australia, 5 June, 2009 - Pocket Life (www.pocketlife.com), an Australian developed location based social networking service for web and mobile phones, has successfully completed the trial of its application for trucking companies on behalf of a leading global truck manufacturer.

Typically, Pocket Life allows a mobile phone user to securely see the location of connected friends on maps and share messages and photos in real time. By making use of the GPS feature of mobile phones Pocket Life goes beyond other social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

The European trial, which was for users of a particular make of vehicle, takes that concept and adapts it to the operational needs of European road transportation companies and drivers.

"Europe is a long way from Australia, but it's an excellent proving ground for our Pocket Life application to be used by trucking companies and their drivers," said Pocketweb CEO, Dr. Alexander Koeppen. "With the trial successfully completed we are excited at the next stage of the service development; integrating the mobile platform into European fleet management IT systems and, in time, we expect to see it being used in this context in Australia as well."

Pocket Life was selected out of a global short list of 10 leading service providers for its feature richness and ability for corporate customization, according to Dr. Koeppen.

"The trial proved extremely successful with truck drivers making an average 15 interactions per user per day from location sharing to messaging and sharing photos such as road conditions or other traffic issues," he said. "The objective is to now use the Pocket Life® Platform to bring existing fleet management services to the mobile phone."

Pocket Life is available on all carriers and most handsets, including iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and coming soon to Google's Android platform.
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