Pocketweb and Squid-Group launch "roles", the business card of the mobile age

Using roles, users always have an adequate business card with them and are ready to share it any time.

Berlin, Germany (6th November 2013) - Users of facebook, XING and Co. know the Problem: Despite using circles, groups and categories the amount of contacts grows out of control. What used to be a status symbol actually reduces the usefulness. The few really relevant relations fade within the hundreds of other irrelevant contacts. Often it remains unclear who the contact is or if one ever met before in person.

The roles app (roles-app.com) wants to solve that problem. Being the business card of the mobile age, it re-utilizes the direct personal contact, just like the good old business card did. Once a user switches himself to "visible" people around him can see his card and can receive it from him or send theirs. This system guaranties, that the contacts list only contains people one has actually met in person.

And this is not all there is to it. Referring to the name "roles", the developers and designers from the mobile agency Pocketweb (pocketweb.com) and the Squid Group AG see the main feature of the app within the ability to have different "business"-cards (so called "role cards") for the different roles one has in life:
If the user is on a business meeting or a conference, he uses his business role card, if he goes out in the evening, a more personal role card can be used.
"Through the role cards users in the nearby environment can scan others that would normally stay anonymous. Contact data will only be visible if role cards have been exchanged between users", says Alexander Köppen, CEO of Pocketweb.

Design and user experience are clearly oriented to the usage on a smart phone. The role cards display in fullscreen mode and are optimized for mobile usage. The viewer can easily swipe through many pages of a role card, which tell the authors "story" using different kinds of templates (ranging from image to plain text).

The design orients along the simplicity of iOS 7, but still does not dispense of style elements like gradients in order to structure the contents clearly. "We strived for a design approach, that is unique on the one hand but also harmonizes with iOS 7", says Conny Naumann, Head of Mobile Design at Pocketweb.

With the available first iPhone version future potentials already show. Planned enhancements like recommendations, business meeting features and fan cards are self-evident advancements that will soon find their way to the users of roles: Give it a try!
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