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Besides their core features most apps also use a lot of standard back end features such as registration, facebook connect, messaging, location based services or payments, just to name a few. Our award winning Pocket Life® Platform provides such features already out-of-the-box and across web and mobile platforms. They just need little customization for you to use them in your apps – saving you time and money. We will discuss with you on a case-by-case basis whether the usage of such modules can be beneficial for your plans.

As per the illustration below those features include messaging (status updates, in app messages, SMS etc.), various location based services (everything location, rating etc.), contact management (including registration, groups etc.), media, geo-advertizing, calendar & events, social network integration and many more.

But The Pocket Life® Platform is not only about features. It provides up-to-date integration with other services, be it leading map services or the integration with social networks. It also gives you the data base structures in a way that they effectively support relevant mobile features. This way you benefit from proven and highly scalable schemas that are ready to support large amounts of users.

Pocket Life Platform

From a technical point of view, the platform is based on an open, API enabled architecture with the highest privacy standards. Leveraging a proven cloud hosting approach it is highly scalable across regions and supports multiple languages and time zones.

Let’s discuss what this means for your ideas. Contact us today for a personal meeting.

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