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The mobile world is in constant flux. Be it operating system versions, partner APIs or new handsets: all components are highly interdependent and change at an impressive speed. So keeping mobile and backend technologies up-to-date and providing top-notch capabilities to actually do it is challenging and costly.

Based on your needs Pocketweb can therefore run your service completely as „Software as a Service": including maintenance, service levels for support and operations or the complete app store management processes. Following a clear open source strategy we make sure that you always use the latest technologies.

To ensure scalability we are completely cloud hosted and can ensure a smooth transition from your first users to several hundreds of thousand of users. World wide, across carriers and multi-language supported. And of course we can fully integrate with your existing services and systems.

As part of our service we give you access to professional tools to manage your requirements and app versions. This way we become your full service technology department while you can focus on your core tasks and markets.

Let’s discuss what this means for your ideas. Contact us today for a personal meeting.

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