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How do successful apps differ from the rest? How many actually make it to the home screen of a smart phone permanently? And which factors are crucial for that? Besides the actual functionality of the app the mobile specific design respectively the user experience have become the most determining factor for success.

The design of a mobile user experience calls for a new kind of designer. Classical design skills and creativity as well as a deep understanding of mobile apps, the knowledge of technical possibilities of iOS and Android SDKs and an overview of global design trends have to merge in that one person.

Lots of experience and a comprehensive understanding of usage situations and the users themselves are indispensable. But it is also about team work – next to every designer, there is always conceptioners and developers involved in order to include all relevant aspects and create something new and adequate to the app.

Tasks and results of a design or redesign involve amongst other things:

This makes outstanding mobile design every thing else but a product of coincidence, much more a result of creative-methodical and professional collaboration with you.

What that means for your idea? Just call us and we make an appointment to answer all your questions.

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