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Every server based mobile app requires backend development to establish the logic and the data base schemas your app will use. As for front end development Pocketweb can leverage proven modules for backend development as well But as a rule of thumb you need to keep in mind that for server based apps nearly every front end function requires backend development as well.

Also the IT architecture of your solution is defined here. Clearly performance and answer times of your app’s functions and use cases depend on the quality of your IT architecture. Also, the IT architecture needs to ensure scalability in a way that a fast growing number of users will not cause issues. Combined with a flexible cloud hosting solution, skipping from a hundred users to hundreds and thousands of users is possible within just a few hours or days.

Regarding IT architecture and backend development we follow a consistent open source strategy. In this way, we reduce dependencies on proprietary solutions and use the most stable, most secure and most powerful technology modules at the same time.

Additionally, an open API based architecture ensures the flexible integration of partner services when it comes for example to content, maps, payments, etc. The other way round, if required, you may as well provide your partners with your data via professional interfaces. If you wish to use data from existing legacy systems, we will carry out the required backend integration.

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