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At first, there is the idea of an app. However, the mobile world follows its own rules and especially novel functions or services require a methodical conceptualizationion in order to launch successfully. The Pocketweb "Mobile Strategy to Action" framework serves as a first basis for giving thought to important questions.

Mobile Strategy to Action

It all begins with the definition of the app’s target group: Is it for staff or customers? If dealing with customers, is it about an existing customer base or primarily about acquiring new customers? Do we talk about B2B or B2C? On this basis, a rudimental description of the target group is useful, including age, gender, level of education, technology affinity etc.

Another question that needs to be answered at an early stage is which brand or label will be used as logo. Will you use an existing brand, will you use a new brand in conjunction with an existing brand or will you introduce a completely new brand?

What matters most is certainly the app’s actual value add. Does the core functionality justify an own app or do additional context services need to be identified? If you can leverage a strong brand, it is also possible to offer completely new services ("brand stretching") under this brand.

When looking at the business model it is important to clarify the type of funding: Will the app be funded via a marketing budget and the main objective is brand building without necessarily making money? Or will the app need to be profitable and thus self-funded? In the latter case different sources of revenue from download fee to advertizing to in-app purchases must be checked. Depending on the investment volume a full business case is advisable.

Another aspect deals with the social aspect of the app. Is the user intended to use the app for himself or should he be connected to other users? Also, the user’s activities can be easily integrated with existing social networks to gain network effects distributing the app.

Also, the type of functionality should be clarified: Is the app about pure information or transactions like bookings, purchases etc.? Or does it deal with interactions with the app provider or other customers? Additionally, it is important to analyse which supporting services should be provided. Examples include location based services (LBS) or social media services.

And last but not least, it is about „make or buy": Do you have the needed resources in-house, do you wish to involve professional service providers or is "software as a service" (SaaS) the model of choice for you?

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